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Sunday Services

We have 2 Services and Sunday School every Sunday,
join us in our church at 18381 Lake Chabot Rd, Castro Valley, CA 94546

English Service / Cantonese Sunday School @ 9:30 am
Cantonese Service / English Sunday School @ 11:00 am

Prayer Meeting

We have every Wednesday @ 2 different locations

4C Christ Centered Community Church @ 8:00 pm
Fremont @ 8:00 pm


We have a different fellowship for different stages of our lives, we meet every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month @ 8:00 pmcome join us!

Love Fellowship is a group of loving, caring members over 50 years old and is a time for us to think deeply about the meaning of life. Your past experiences set an example for the youngsters of today. We invite those over 50 to join us and share the Faith, Hope, and Love in Christ. Newcomers always welcome. We meet on the second Sunday of each month after worship. We laugh, we cry, we care, and we share.

Abundant Life is a fellowship for couples seeking an abundant life as followers of Christ. Our God has given us salvation through Jesus Christ, our rebirth gives us hope and allows us to lead full lives. This is a gift from our Lord, and in experiencing God we learn to count our blessings and treasure what we have. We are at a time in our lives where we have grown children and stable families, yet retain our health. This is the time for us to give back to our communities and reach out to those less fortunate. We must lead our abundant lives as witnesses of Christ, and thus the goal of this fellowship is to proclaim and spread God’s love, in order to help others also lead abundant lives in our Lord.

Amazing Grace is the fellowship for families with older children, middle school and up.

We gather on the first and third Friday evening (twice a month) for Bible Study. On the second week of each month, we will usually have an informal social gathering or outing.

Bible Studies (held in English) for the older kids is provided. Youth can also participate in Timothy Fellowship.

Our goals:
* Raising our children and ourselves to live God-centered lives.
* Learning the Bible together, sharing our successes and struggles -growing deeper in the Word.

We welcome you to join us!

“Families for Christ” is the fellowship for families with young children (infant to middle-school-aged).
Children are a heritage of God. We truly believe that they are one of life’s great blessings and joys. Parents of young children face the unique challenges of raising babies and teaching children, while at the same time balancing family life, marriage life, personal & spiritual growth, church ministry, careers, and caring for elderly parents. We know that the demands of parenthood often eclipse the other areas, and that it takes real effort and support to find true balance.
Our fellowship members want to get together to seek the wisdom from our Lord and share our experiences, the joys and trials of parenting. We encourage, help and pray for each other as a family in Him.
We gather on the first and third Friday evening (twice a month) for Bible Study. On the second and fourth week of each month, we will usually have an informal social gathering or outing. Fellowship activities are family centered and childcare is provided.
Come and join us!

(1) To understand God’s purpose for marriage, God’s plan for husband and wife, and the partnership in marriage by studying God’s Word because it is the foundation of a Christian family.

(2) To encourage each other to walk each day’s life with Lord, apply God’s word to our daily life. We share our spiritual experience and pray for one another.

Any couple or family who would like to have a wonderful time of fellowship.

This fellowship is for young career singles, who faces difficult challenges after entering the workforce:pressure from work, getting along with others, planning the future, starting our own family and opening a new chapter in our lives.

Purpose/Goal: We can GROW together and take ROOT in God’s Word

We’re borned in U.S and currently attending Junior High/High school, so the fellowship meeting will mainly conduct in English. Every 1st Friday will be studying the Word of God at Church, and the 3rd Friday will be a home gathering at one of our member’s residence. We want to develop a closer relationship with God, and at the same time with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We share our challenges in school and in life; we learn to be Christ’s disciples and experience His love deeper. We’re sure you can share the fun and joy and support in our fellowship.

We are from first through fifth grade, age from six to nine and all borne in US. Our programs include Bible Story, art & crafts, video, group games and refreshments etc. We are using the “Veggie Tales” as this year curriculum, to encourage the KFCs to connect God’s Word in their daily walks, and to build a personal relationship with Him. We welcome you to join us, to learn and grow together into a Christ-like family.